Turn up the competition

The 5i Callaway Fall Series Leagues are for teams of two on Tuesday's and teams of three on Wednesday's, in a head-to-head format on world-renowned courses over a 9-round season (plus finals). Compete for glory against your location on your preferred night. Great prizes to win!

Be a part of the most inclusive league in golf.

Tuesday: 2-Person H2H League

Nett Strokeplay

Teams of 2 play off in handicap order

5 Points available for individual matches and overall team score

  • 2 points for individual match win
  • 1 point for individual match draw
  • 1 bonus point for overall lowest team nett score

Complimentary handicap round: 20/21 February

Start date: 27 February

Finals: 7 May

Registration fee: $30 per player per round


Wednesday: 3-Person H2H League

Nett Strokeplay

Teams of 3 play off in handicap order

7 Points available for individual matches and overall team score

  • 2 points for individual match win
  • 1 point for individual match draw
  • 1 bonus point for overall lowest team nett score

Complimentary handicap round: 20/21 February

Start date: 28 February

Finals: 8 May

Registration fee: $30 per player per round

  • Join with a team

    Sign up as a team, you can register up to five players to make sure you have players each week.


Get your TrackMan account

Create an account with the TrackMan Golf app to join the league, enter your handicap, keep track of all your data, and study the leader board!


Frequently asked questions

How long is the league season?

The 5i Callaway Fall Series Leagues is an 11-week season following a 9 round format, plus one week of finals. A complimentary handicapping round will take place on 20-21 February, this round is optional if you already have a TrackMan handicap. Finals will take place on 7-8 May. There will be a bye round over Easter, with play recommencing on 9/10 April.

How does league play work?

Each week, teams will play nine holes on a predetermined course against another participating league team.

Each player will play off against an individual on the opposing team. The matches will be determined by handicap ie. the lowest handicap of each group will play off against each other.

The winner of each match will be determine by the lowest (nett) score to par through nine holes.

The winner of each individual match will be awarded 2 points, with draws to have an even split between the two players.

The lowest overall team (nett) score will also gain an additional bonus point.

Who can play in the league?

Leagues are open to men, women or any person over the age of 12. Each team must have two players to compete each round on Tuesdays, and three players on Wednesdays.

Persons under 18 must be accompanied by a guardian.

Is the league handicapped?

Yes, each team player will be required to have a TrackMan handicap. You can obtain a handicap by playing one round of golf on a TrackMan simulator at any one of our locations prior to the beginning of the league season.

We will be holding a complimentary handicapping round on the 20-21 February.

A registered Golf Australia (GA) is not required.

How do I enter?

All team members will be required to register for the league season at their chosen location via our online League Registration form.

What comes with my entry?

Your entry includes:

  • One complimentary handicapping round
  • One round during each of the 9 rounds of the season
  • Entry into the 'nearest to the pin' competition each week
  • Massive prizes from The House of Golf and Callaway

How does each round work?

Teams will be able to join the tournament through TrackMan via your TrackMan account. Please let the League Manager know if you are having trouble joining the round. Teams will NOT be given scorecards to fill out as all of the scores will be saved through TrackMan.

How do I schedule my rounds?

You will have the option to pick your league night for the season when completing our online League Registration form, or you can contact the League Manager at your chosen venue register your team and desired night of play.

Play will commence from 7pm on your selected night at your selected venue. Warm-up will commence from 6.30pm (pending booth availability).

How do I know what course I'm playing?

Each week on Saturday, a newsletter will be sent out to all players, communicating;

  • 'nearest to the pin' winners for each league night,
  • updated Leader Board, and
  • course for the next week.

What do I win for getting 'nearest to the pin'?

If you are the winner of the 'nearest to the pin' competition, you will be rewarded with 1 dozen box of Callaway golf balls.

Can I use my own clubs and balls?

Absolutely! We want you to play at your best so please bring your own clubs and balls each week. Hire clubs will also be available for men, women and juniors.

How does scoring work?

Leagues will be played in a stroke play format including handicaps, the lowest nett score in each players match will be deemed the winner.

What simulator technology is use?

All leagues will be exclusively played on TrackMan. All team members will be required to download the TrackMan app and create a personal account.

What happens if my team can't make a night?

Due to the head to head nature of the league, there will be a strict policy on attendance. If a player or team cannot make their round, they will receive an automatic loss per team member not in attendance. 

How do the finals work?

The top four teams will play a final round, beginning at 6.30pm on 7-8 May. Based on the final positioning, 1st vs 4th and 2nd vs 3rd, with the winners of each match moving onto a grand final to be played on the same night.

Can different players play each week?

Yes. A team can register up to maximum of five players per season. Two players are required each week. Registered players can rotate throughout the season but all players in the finals must have played at least two games before the finals.

How do single players work?

Register as a Free Agent and we will aim to group you into a team. Once confirmed, Free Agents will attend week 1 of League play for a team meet and greet, and commence play.

If we cannot fill a team with Free Agents, a full refund will be given.

What should I know about the simulators?

  • All players are expected to use the simulator properly and adhere to the Five Iron Golf Tour rules and regulations.
  • Any attempts to manipulate the simulator as determined by the Five Iron Golf Tour in its sole discretion will be grounds for removal.
  • Teeing up the ball is only permitted on the first shot of every hole. A one stroke penalty will be assessed for any violations of this rule.

How do I access the venue?

Both our Mentone and Ringwood venues have additional access points located at the rear of The House of Golf stores. This entry is required to be used once The House of Golf store closes. After hours times are dependent on the stores closing hours.