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Five Iron Golf combines great instructors with TOUR-level technology to provide private lessons for beginner and advanced players alike. Each lesson utilises TrackMan technology and video analysis for real-time feedback, giving students a best-in-class lesson experience.

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Lessons are now available at our Ringwood and Mentone locations.


Members Non-Members
Individual 30 mins $65
60 mins $120
30 mins $75
60 mins $140
Packages 30 mins x 3 pack $179
30 mins x 5 pack $299
30 mins x 10 pack $589

60 mins x 3 pack $329
60 mins x 5 pack $539
60 mins x 10 pack $1,079
30 mins x 3 pack $209
30 mins x 5 pack $339
30 mins x 10 pack $659

60 mins x 3 pack $389
60 mins x 5 pack $629
60 mins x 10 pack $1,229

Swing Evaluation

The Swing Evaluation is a 90-minute session designed to discuss your golf history and any frustrations you are currently having with your game. Then, together, we’ll work to establish measurable goals. We will introduce you to the TrackMan technology and evaluate your swing based on seeing you hit multiple different shots, before identifying the root cause of your inconsistencies. Most importantly, we will develop a custom improvement plan to get you on the path towards achieving your golfing dreams!


Meet our instructors

Our golf instructors offer private lessons for beginner and advanced players.

  • Jack MacLeod

    Jack is a PGA professional and is regarded as one of the top young golf coaches in Australia. He became a full member of the PGA in 2009 receiving a high distinction in the field of coaching and is also TPI certified, which enables him to screen his clients and have a deep understanding of positions their body allows them to reach.

  • Anthony Brown

    Anthony is a former winner on the Australian PGA Tour and uses a Tour Proven approach in elevating a client's game. Having worked closely with a number of Australia's elite coaches, Anthony likes to simplify his message and tap into an individual's learning style to equip his clients with the tools to improve in an ongoing fashion. 

  • Ben Wharton

    Ben has been a golf professional since 2006. 

    Bringing a wealth of teaching and playing experience both locally and overseas.

    Both Ben's extensive playing and coaching experiences have developed a refined ability to impart knowledge to golfers of all skill levels and ages.



  • Learn the 'basics' such as: aim, grip, and how to strike the ball
  • Build a swing that works for you and your body
  • Master the differences between each type of club
  • Learn how to implement each club type around the course
  • Learn the do's and don'ts of how to act on a golf course
  • Plus other basic etiquette (i.e. where to stand, what to say)


  • Understand why you make mistakes and why you hit good shots
  • Build patterns in your ball flight
  • Learn what it will take to increase distance and accuracy
  • Develop strategies that will translate to the course
  • Hit different shots under changing scenarios on the course
  • See what it takes to shoot lower scores


  • Dial in your clubs accuracy and distance using TrackMan data
  • Refine trajectory and learn to control your ball flight
  • Develop strong pre-shot and practice routines
  • Learn to maximize your practice time
  • Narrow your focus and attack your weaknesses